Thinking Of Moving To Kingston, Ontario? Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons Why You Should

Wednesday Feb 17th, 2021


Kingston is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and is consistently ranked as one of the best Canadian cities to find work, purchase a home, and retire.  With its Limestone buildings, to the waterfront trail along Lake Ontario, to the numerous lakes and conservation areas in the surrounding areas that offer plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature.  Here are just some of the reasons you should make Kingston home:



Location-  Located halfway between Toronto and Montreal and less than an hour drive to the closest US border crossing make it an easy drive to any one of these locations.  

Being so close to major Canadian cities, and also the border into the U.S allows you to have the best of both worlds and experience twice as much fun.


House Prices-  The average house price in Ottawa is approximately $739,160 and the average house price in Toronto is approximately $1,301,000.  With Kingston’s average home price being approximately $522,978 it makes the city a more affordable option.


Restaurants- Kingston has one of the highest restaurants per capita of any city in Canada making it a great place to live if you enjoy dining out with something for everyone.  


History-  If you are a history buff, you will absolutely love Kingston.  Kingston was first settled in 1783, incorporated as a town in 1838 and as a city in 1846.  It was 

named as Canada’s first Capital in 1841, however;  the capital was relocated in 1844.  City Hall has at times housed a tavern, a women’s medical college, and was once the police headquarters and home to the city jail.  Downtown, you will find many historic buildings that have been transformed over the years and The Kingston Public Market, the oldest market in Ontario, providing food to the residents of the city since 1801.  Kingston is also home to many National Historic Sites Of Canada.   


Festivals/Events/Activities-  In a regular year, Kingston is home to numerous festivals and events.  There is always something going on in Kingston to keep the whole family entertained.  Kingston is also a popular tourist destination which means that there are endless activities to keep you busy.  From taking a tour of Fort Henry, taking a Thousand Islands Cruise, taking part in a food tour, to a trolley tour of the city, to taking in one of the museums to renting a canoe or kayak, to taking the fairy over to Wolfe Island.  The possibilities are endless and you will never get bored with so many things to do.


Beautiful nature-  Kingston has some of the best scenery in all of Ontario.  It is not often that you find a city that has a great balance between city and nature, but Kingston manages to tick both boxes.  Surrounded by areas famous for their stunning nature, Kingston is the ideal location for the beginning of an outdoor adventure.  Rideau Trail Association, Lemoine Point Conservation Area, and K&P Rail Trail are just some of the trails available around the city.    There are also numerous parks along Lake Ontario to enjoy a picnic, walk, play on the playground or enjoy some water sports.  Just outside of Kingston is home to numerous other lakes, Provincial Parks and walking trails that will not disappoint the outdoor enthusiast.  


Great Schools- Kingston is home to two English and two French school boards offering Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12/IB classes.  There are also numerous private schools in the area that cater to various educational needs.  Kingston is home to one of the St. Lawrence College campuses which offers world-class education and to Queen’s University which was established in 1841 and is one of Canada's leading research-intensive Universities.  The Royal Military College of Canada is also located in Kingston and is the military college of the Canadian Armed Forces.  RMC was established in 1876 and is the only federal institution in Canada with degree-granting powers.


Sports, sports and more sports-  Kingston is home to state-of-the-art sport facilities including nine multipurpose sport venues and over 100 different sport venues – from soccer fields to football fields to hockey rinks – Kingston has every sport season covered.   



I could go on and on about what a great place Kingston is to live, but these are just some of the reasons to consider Kingston as your new home.  If you are thinking of relocating to Kingston, I would be happy to help!  



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