Investments Worth Making In Your First Home

Thursday Feb 11th, 2021


Congratulations on purchasing your first home!!  This is a very exciting time in your life!!  Now it is time to make it feel like home and you may be wondering what investments will not only look nice, but will also last you for years to come and add value to your home.


Replace Flooring-  Flooring has the power to completely change a room.  It goes without saying that it is an essential aspect of the home and one place that you should consider spending a little extra on.  When choosing new flooring, choose neutral colours that will give you the freedom to change your furniture and accessories without having to change the floors.  Since flooring in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom are likely to undergo a lot of foot traffic, make sure that you choose durable flooring that will last.


Update Some Of The Key Areas Of The Home-  The kitchen and bathroom are two places that you will see your best return on investment.  You do not necessarily need to gut these areas to give your home’s value a lift.  In fact, smaller upgrades and projects that do not require large demolition costs often give a higher return on investment.  You can update cabinets by painting or refinishing the doors and adding new hardware, put on a fresh coat of paint, replace the appliances and consider granite or quartz countertops.


Fill The Home With Quality Furniture-  Nothing makes a house feel like home better than furniture.  Try to choose items that will stand the test of time when choosing furniture, consider wood.  Wood is often more expensive than other types, but it will continue to look good year after year.  Solid wood is an effective way to add a high-end look to your home.


Prioritize Energy Efficiency-  Energy efficiency comes with big savings down the road.  Not only will you break even, but you will see a signifiant return on your investment over time.

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