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How Is The Real Estate Market?

Thursday Oct 13th, 2022


How Is The Real Estate Market? With the real estate market being all over the news and social media lately, I have been getting many questions about how our local real estate market is doing. My answer is not as bad as you may be thinking.   Below I break down what our current market has been up to. As you probably already know, the market had been really heated the past few years with bidding wars on almost every property and most properties selling for over the asking price within... [read more]

Relocating to Kingston? Here is a little bit about the East End of Kingston

Tuesday Jul 5th, 2022


Moving to Kingston?  Today, I want to talk about the East End of Kingston.  I have attached my video tour of the East end to the end of this blog if you prefer to jump down and watch the video.     Before we get started, you probably want to know what I’m talking about when I say the East end of Kingston.  From downtown Kingston, you will have to cross the Cataraqui river, to get to the East side, you can take the causeway or go around on highway 401.... [read more]

What Is Land Transfer Tax?

Wednesday Mar 2nd, 2022


There are many closing costs associated with purchasing a property.  Legal costs, adjustments and land transfer tax to name a few.  Today, I want to talk about land transfer tax.   Land transfer tax was introduced in Ontario in the 1970's and it is the tax you must pay when you buy land or an interest in land. It is paid to the province (or the municipality, in some instances) by the buyer of a property; sellers never pay this tax.  Some municipalities, such as the... [read more]

9 Things To Know Before Buying A House

Thursday Feb 24th, 2022


You have started thinking about buying a home and likely have many questions about the process.  Being informed is so important when making a big financial decision, and there are few financial decisions bigger than buying a home.  Take the time to educate yourself about what you are getting into before buying a property.  The more you know the more money, time and hassle you will save.  Below I outline 9 things you should know before buying a home: 1. Get pre-approved... [read more]

Title Insurance- What Is It And Why Do I Need It?

Friday Feb 18th, 2022


The word “title” is a legal term that means you have legal ownership of property. You obtain title to a property when the owner signs the deed over to you and then it is registered in the land registry system.  Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects you, the home owner, against problems related to the title of your home. You will only make one premium payment when you first buy the insurance and the insurance policy protects you for as long as you own the... [read more]

Avoid These COSTLY Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Wednesday Feb 9th, 2022


  Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home!!   We are currently in a Seller's market which means that it may look easy to sell your home for top dollar with little effort.  You just put a sign up on the front lawn, put your home on MLS and it will be sold, right?  Not so fast!!  While it may look that way with many homes selling in multiple offers, do you know how much money you could be leaving on the table by not taking the proper steps and... [read more]

DO NOT Make These COSTLY Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Tuesday Feb 8th, 2022


We are currently in a Seller's market which means that it may look easy to sell your home for top dollar with little effort.  You just put a sign up on the front lawn, put your home on MLS and it will be sold, right?  Not so fast!!  While it may look that way with many homes selling in multiple offers, do you know how much money you could be leaving on the table by not taking the proper steps and making any one of these mistakes?  Here are the top 7 mistakes that could... [read more]

7 Reasons That You Should Move To Kingston, Ontario

Wednesday Jan 26th, 2022


  Kingston is a beautiful place with so much to offer.  There is a reason that it was named as the top place to live near Toronto for those looking to leave the city by Huffington Post recently.  Today I want to go over some of the reasons that you should make Kingston home in no particular order.  Number 1.  House prices.  Although home prices have increased significantly here over the past few years, homes are still much more affordable than other... [read more]

Buying A Home Sight Unseen? Here Is What You Need To Know

Friday Jan 21st, 2022


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>     Would you buy a home sight unseen?  Many people are these days, especially during the pandemic.  Because we are in such a fast moving... [read more]

What Can You Get For Your Money In Kingston Real Estate

Tuesday Jan 18th, 2022


What can you get for your money in Kingston real estate?   I get asked this question all of the time and today I am here with the answer.   First of all, the average sale price in Kingston now sits at $622,734 that is up by almost 25% from last year.   So let's break that down even further.   If you are looking for a 2-storey detached home, the average price of a 3 bar, 2 bath, 1500 square foot home that is between 16-30 years old is $622,000.  If you... [read more]

Will Banning Blind Bidding Lower Real Estate Prices In Canada?

Thursday Jan 13th, 2022


First let’s talk about blind bidding.  What that means is that when you submit an offer, you don't get to know what the other offers are if you find yourself in a multiple offer situation...which at the moment is happening more often than not.  So when you find a property you like, you put together an offer with your agent, and you're going to make your best educated guess of what you think that property should actually sell for and then cross reference that with... [read more]

Five Tips For Reducing Clutter

Friday Apr 23rd, 2021


It does not take much time to go from a perfectly organized room to a cluttered, chaotic mess.  Papers pile up on surfaces, coats and bags end up on furniture, shoe boxes and shopping bags get stuffed in the first place you can find.   But if you are proactive, you can avoid the common clutter traps. Here are five ideas for reducing clutter: 1. Have a place for the things you bring into the house each day:  Do what you can... [read more]

Choose The Right Paint Finish

Thursday Apr 15th, 2021


It can be intimidating to stand in front of the paint swatches at the paint or hardware store and try to make a decision. Picking a colour can be difficult enough—and then you have to choose the finish. Choosing the colour is up to you, but here’s a simple guide to choosing the correct finish for your project.   High Gloss High gloss paint has the most sheen, and will be the most durable. That durability is best suited for the kitchen, on surfaces like cabinets,... [read more]

Five Tips For A Great Back Yard

Friday Apr 2nd, 2021


Summer will be here before we know it and we will be spending a lot more time entertaining (when it is safe to do so) in the back yard.  It is the season for barbecues and campouts. Here are five ways to make sure your back yard is everyone’s favourite.    1. Make sure there’s a place to cook!  The way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs. You could have something as simple as a charcoal grill or as elaborate as a fully-featured kitchen,... [read more]

Should You Renovate Your Home Before Selling

Thursday Mar 25th, 2021


When considering selling your home, you may wonder if you should do some remodelling prior to putting it on the market to make it more appealing to buyers. However, with supply and demand being such a problem at the moment, there are many buyers competing for available homes and renovations may not be as important as they would be in a normal market.  Here are a couple of things to consider when you are thinking of selling during this hot seller’s market:   1. There are... [read more]

Three Ways To Ease Your Fears About Making A Move In A Low Inventory Market

Friday Mar 19th, 2021


With low inventory in many markets throughout the country, many homeowners are afraid to sell their homes because they are concerned that they may not be able to find a new one. This can be a real problem, but if you are seeking to sell—whether to upgrade or find a new neighbourhood—there are a few ways to combat the low inventory.   1. Look to buy first In most markets it is a real mistake to put your home up for sale before you start looking for your new... [read more]

Home Selling Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Thursday Mar 11th, 2021


For one reason or another, these myths have gained traction and many sellers believe them to be true.  Maybe you heard it from a family member or read it online.   I am willing to bet that you did not hear it from a reliable source such as a Realtor.  If you are looking to sell your home for top dollar, keep reading for the top myths that you should stop believing now.   1.  Overpricing a home results in a higher sale price-  Buyers do not usually buy the... [read more]

How Your Daily Drive Time Can Factor Into Your Mortgage

Thursday Mar 4th, 2021


It is easy to overlook some of the things that can affect your budget and purchasing power when you’re considering a home, and one of the biggest factors that buyers overlook is the cost of their daily commute. We’ve all heard that real estate is all about “location, location, location,” and properties in more desirable locations typically come with a higher price tag than similar properties that aren’t in a hot neighbourhood.   Yet the... [read more]

6 Secrets To Cutting Costs On Your Next Home Remodel

Friday Feb 26th, 2021


With many of us confined to our homes during the pandemic, you may be thinking that this is a great time to do a home design overhaul.  Transforming a tired living space can come with many costs, but there are plenty of ways to save money along the way.  Here are a few ways that you can keep costs down during renovations while still achieving the look you want.   1.  Make Sweat Equity Count-  If you want to save money, jump in and help out.  Do your own... [read more]

Thinking About Selling Your Home? Now May Be The Time

Friday Feb 19th, 2021


Low inventory is a problem in many markets throughout the country. In a healthy market a particular neighbourhood would have six months of inventory. Many neighbourhoods are seeing inventory as low as one or two months. This means home buyers are not finding the homes they are looking for.   Realtors throughout the country are reporting that the main concern is that there are not enough listings.  Some properties are receiving up to 34 offers with some selling for as much as... [read more]

Investments Worth Making In Your First Home

Thursday Feb 11th, 2021


Congratulations on purchasing your first home!!  This is a very exciting time in your life!!  Now it is time to make it feel like home and you may be wondering what investments will not only look nice, but will also last you for years to come and add value to your home.   Replace Flooring-  Flooring has the power to completely change a room.  It goes without saying that it is an essential aspect of the home and one place that you should consider spending a little... [read more]

5 Things That Make Us Happy With Our Homes

Thursday Feb 4th, 2021


According to a recent survey conducted by, here are five things that consistently make people happy with their homes.    1. Big windows and comfortable furniture: Nearly 75 percent of respondents listed these two items as major difference-makers. It’s a no-brainer—people like lots of light and a good place to relax.    2. A big-screen TV: This is more likely to be a key feature for men than women. 40 percent of men said having a big-screen... [read more]

Top 5 Renovations When Selling

Monday Mar 18th, 2019

Top 5 Home Renovations When Selling

When it comes time to sell your home, you will likely be put in a situation where home updates, repairs, and upgrades are recommended in order to boost the value of your home for maximum returns! Now before tearing down a wall or throwing your money at everything it's important to understand not all home renovations are equal. Below you will find a list of the top 5 home renovations that have significant impact on your selling potential: 1. Improve energy efficiency This... [read more]

How to Choose the Right Mortgage

Monday Mar 18th, 2019

How to Choose the Right Mortgage

Obtaining a mortgage can be intimidating and confusing. Similar to the buyer and seller guides, I’ve outlined the mortgage process for you in 4 easy steps! 
Step 1: Mortgage Application 
Before an application gets filled out, it’s important to first asses yourself financially. Figure out how much money you have and how much you need to borrow. It’s always critical to sort out how much you can afford so that when you apply for a mortgage you will be able to... [read more]

5 steps to selling your home

Monday Mar 18th, 2019

5 steps to selling your home

Your satisfaction and happiness is something that is very important to me. I understand how hectic it is to sell a house and it can be difficult if it’s not handled properly. To help you through the entire process, I’ve put together five simple steps: Step 1: Decide to Sell When you sell, you want to get as much value as you can for your home. So you might want to consider the timing of the sale because it definitely has an effect on the value. You don’t want to sell... [read more]



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