Five Tips For Reducing Clutter

Friday Apr 23rd, 2021


It does not take much time to go from a perfectly organized room to a cluttered, chaotic mess.  Papers pile up on surfaces, coats and bags end up on furniture, shoe boxes and shopping bags get stuffed in the first place you can find.   But if you are proactive, you can avoid the common clutter traps.

Here are five ideas for reducing clutter:

1. Have a place for the things you bring into the house each day:  Do what you can do to create an easy place to put your outerwear, mail, keys, phone and the other things you bring home each day. Coat racks, mail holders, and a catch - all basket give you an easy, consistent place to put your everyday items.

2. Get a basket for once worn clothes:  There are some clothing items that may not need to be washed or put away immediately after one use, like sweaters or denim. These items often end up on the bedroom floor.  Instead, put them in a specific basket for items that are not yet ready for the laundry room.

3. Keep kitchen tools off the counter:  It is really easy to let items pile up on the kitchen counters, and all that clutter can be frustrating when it is time to make a meal. To reduce clutter, use wall racks to keep cooking utensils off the counter.

4. Designate a no - clutter zone:  This one is simple. Simply choose an important surface or space (like a coffee table), clear it of clutter, and focus on keeping that one area totally organized.

5. Keep the dining room table set:  Not only is a set table pleasant to the eye, but it also makes it nearly impossible for the table to gather clutter.  Thanks to the plates and silverware, there is no room for your junk mail

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