Five Tips For A Great Back Yard

Friday Apr 02nd, 2021


Summer will be here before we know it and we will be spending a lot more time entertaining (when it is safe to do so) in the back yard.  It is the season for barbecues and campouts. Here are five ways to make sure your back yard is everyones favourite.


 1. Make sure theres a place to cook!  The way to your guestshearts is through their stomachs. You could have something as simple as a charcoal grill or as elaborate as a fully-featured kitchen, but its essential that you can prepare some food outdoors.


 2. Lighting matters. At the very least you need enough lighting to keep the party going when the sun goes down. But for a back yard that really pops, add some decorative lighting to walkways, landscaping, or anything else worth highlighting.


 3. Gather around the fire. It goes without saying that everyone loves a good place to make hot dogs and smores—just make sure youre not violating any neighbourhood ordinances.


 4. Bring the beach to your backyard. A little water will make everything look better. It could be something as simple as a fountain or as elaborate as a waterfall or fish pond.


 5. Dont forget the foliage. Trees, shrubs and flowers are all important for adding the finishing touches to your outdoor entertainment space. The trees and shrubs can provide some much-needed shade when the sun is out, and flowers add just the right amount of colour.

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