Choose The Right Paint Finish

Thursday Apr 15th, 2021


It can be intimidating to stand in front of the paint swatches at the paint or hardware store and try to make a decision. Picking a colour can be difficult enough—and then you have to choose the finish. Choosing the colour is up to you, but heres a simple guide to choosing the correct finish for your project.


High Gloss

High gloss paint has the most sheen, and will be the most durable. That durability is best suited for the kitchen, on surfaces like cabinets, door frames, and window trim. Its best to avoid using high gloss on walls, because it will be too reflective.



Its not as shiny as high gloss, but its still great for kitchens and bathrooms, because the sheen protects from drips, splatters, and other moisture.



Satin has a velvet-like look, but is still a durable finish, and works best in high-traffic areas. Be careful when applying, because satin paint will reveal sloppy brush strokes.


Eggshell and flat

These finishes have the least amount of sheen, and are the least durable. Theyre great for hiding imperfections in your walls, but the low durability means they should be avoided if the room is subject to wear and tear from kids or pets. Use these paints in dining rooms, bedrooms, and other low-traffic rooms.

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