7 Reasons That You Should Move To Kingston, Ontario

Wednesday Jan 26th, 2022



Kingston is a beautiful place with so much to offer.  There is a reason that it was named as the top place to live near Toronto for those looking to leave the city by Huffington Post recently.  Today I want to go over some of the reasons that you should make Kingston home in no particular order. 

Number 1.  House prices.  Although home prices have increased significantly here over the past few years, homes are still much more affordable than other places like the greater Toronto Area or Ottawa. For that reason, many people have been able to sell their homes in the GTA and purchase a home here and be mortgage free. 

2. We have a very charming and historic downtown that must be seen to be appreciated. 

3. Local food and beverage.  There are several local farmers markets in Kingston, not to mention the Kingston public market that is the oldest market in Ontario, providing food since 1801 and while we are on the topic of food, Kingston also has the most restaurants per capita than almost any other city in Canada. 

4.  Kingston is right in the middle of Toronto and Ottawa making it an easy commute to either one.  If you want to pop in to catch an NHL hockey game or maybe some shopping or whatever reason you may want to head into the city, it is an easy drive. We also have a lot of people who commute into work to Toronto or Ottawa from Kingston. 

5.  Surrounding lakes and trails.  If you enjoy the outdoors, then this area will not disappoint.  There are so many lakes, trails, conservation areas and provincial parks in the area that you will never get bored of exploring.   

6. Festivals/Events/Activities-  In a regular year, Kingston is home to numerous festivals and events.  There is always something going on in Kingston to keep the whole family entertained.  Kingston is also a popular tourist destination which means that there are endless activities to keep you busy.  From taking a tour of Fort Henry, taking a Thousand Islands Cruise, taking part in a food tour, to a trolley tour of the city, to taking in one of the museums.  The possibilities are endless.

7. Great Schools- Kingston is home to two English and two French school boards offering Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12/IB classes.  There are also numerous private schools in the area that cater to various educational needs.  Kingston is home to one of the St. Lawrence College campuses, Queen’s University and The Royal Military College of Canada. 

These are just a few of the reasons that you should make kingston home and i would love to talk to you about all of the possibilities.  If you are thinking of relocating to Kingston and have questions, click the link below to book a call with me.



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